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Mental Health Practice & Integrative Psychiatry located in Eugene and Portland, OR

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Head Well in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, is a mental health and integrative psychiatry practice led by April Dvorak, PMHNP-BC, and her dedicated team. Their mission is to provide personalized care, prioritizing overall well-being and meaningful outcomes.

The traditional mental health care system faces several challenges that April and her team strive to overcome, including limited access, disconnected treatment, long wait times, and rushed appointments. Patients often feel unheard, and clinicians struggle with overwhelming documentation. This traditional approach focuses on treating symptoms rather than recognizing each person’s uniqueness and their goals.

Head Well’s solution is based on three core principles: practical services, meaningful outcomes, and value-driven care. April and her team offer streamlined mental health care with easy scheduling and flexible virtual appointments, including evenings and weekends. 

Their approach prioritizes each client’s needs and what matters most. The clinicians at Head Well collaborate with every client to establish tailored treatment goals and strategies that align with their personal needs, whether they struggle with depression, anxiety, or other common psychiatric conditions.

The Head Well team ensures that every client’s experience is effective and fulfilling. Call to schedule a telehealth visit or book an appointment online today. The practice also offers in-person visits in Eugene and Portland.

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